Regional Vice-President

regional vice president, he’s in there. he’ll take your...
regional vice president, absolute note to sue.
caught up in the call, smell the green paper in his pocket.
caught up heroes fall feel the tear in his stock itch.
who’s next be on your toes, ready for the knock of opportunity.
he’s the best…well, second-best, he’s a regional vice president.

do you see him? want to be him?
who will free him? I see right through him.
distinct unmistakable. almost unthinkable.
just sign on the dotted line.

his importance to himself, his ability to cope.
mr. talk to the trees ziggled in paraphrases and funnel schemes.
he oversees, he under looks, he is what cooks.
mr. big guns sit down example man.
mr. strut his stuff on a rare occasion unplanned.
the green stuff he’s got the mack daddy snow man.


regional vice president. area 51 man.
his tricks a close guarded secret, his tips make the plan.
monarch of the boiler room, uptown middle man.
forecast is sunny all weekend for a Regional Vice President.
is conscience nonexistent as he lays out his pitch.
demented, devastating, but hey it’s what made him rich.


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