Natives Are Restless
(CD; 1997)

$10.00 + S&H

Mary Ellis - vocals, percusssion
Robert Witherspoon - vocals, percussion
Dan Smith - guitar, vocals, percussion, flute, trombone
Alan Burd - guitar, vocals, percussion
Brad Caudle - guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
Brian Kotal - drums, percussion

produced by Brad Caudle and N.A.R. at Lago Villa studios

Cover design by Kirsten Crouse of the CAVGroup

Track Title
01 Smoke Filled Room
02 Flow
03 Vegas
04 So Let's Live
05 Shine
06 Popeye
07 Good Day
08 Whomp
09 Mushroom Crumbles
10 Blue Chandelier
11 Grandma
12 Loser
13 Sweet Insanity
14 Bound
15 Ash

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