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Go Stand in the Corner

 Nar had a great time playing the Corner Pub in Conroe last Saturday (Aug 9th).  There were a lot of new faces in the SRO crowd that attended.  We know that several of you made drives of 100 miles or more to attend the show.  With times as they are, we appreciate the effort it took for all of you to spend the evening with us.

Read more about the Corner Pub show at the new NARblog.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the band, from the beginning up to 3 seconds ago.
by Gary

Natives Are Restless began in 1992, when Dan Smith, Alan Burd and Robert Witherspoon decided to combine their nascent musical talents and put them toward the task of writing songs with strange titles like "My Interest Lies in Oxygen" and even stranger lyrics, most of which (thankfully), have been lost to the ravages of time. :-)

Shortly after its formation the band, which had been dubbed "One Tribe," had swelled its ranks to seven members, as longtime friend of the band Trace Brooks joined, along with Jeff Blackburn and Shawn Adamick. Alan Burd's future brother-in-law, Rob Hobbs, also joined for a stint on the bass. Some of Natives future "hits", such as "Mushroom Crumbles" and "Loser", were written during this period.

It was also during this period, in 1993, that NAR found an indispensible part of its voice, when vocalist Mary Ellis joined the band. Mary's raw, soulful delivery was a perfect compliment to Robert's and Alan's more pop-oriented vocal stylings, and to Dan's folksy, down-to-earth singing voice. Under Mary's direction, the band had three and four-part harmonies for the first time.

By 1994, Trace, Shawn, Jeff and Robert had all left the band, leaving One Tribe without a drummer or a proper bass player. However, this situation was only temporary. Robert and Alan had both done vocal work for the Conroe-based company Rock 'n' Learn, which produces educational music and videos for children, and through this connection, One Tribe was introduced to Brad Caudle, co-owner of Rock 'n' Learn. Brad's skill on both guitar and bass was . . . intimidating, but he expressed enthusiasm for the sound the other members created when they performed together, and he quickly signed on as the band's new bassist and occasional guitarist. However, Brad also brought to the band an fine singing voice, which he could extend into the upper register, and which gave the band the ability to perform five-part harmonies. These harmonies are showcased on the track "Good Day," from NAR's eponymous first CD.

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